Fun in the Water! 

Model: Kayla Hickman 

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Who we are and who we need to be to survive are two very different things

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Aaahhhh ok I’m a bit nervous making a big official post like this but I’m gonna start taking commissions!! Throw those Pokemon and Neopets and kawaii anime girls and original characters in my direction and I’ll draw ‘em for you!!

You can see some examples of my work here. I’ve done some commissions before in the past so don’t worry, I have experience with this sort of thing ^^

Since that has a pretty big range of arty things, I’m offering drawings like the ones in this post (I can leave the background out and make it transparent for you if you want) for £10! Add £5 for each additional character, for a max of three characters ^^

I’m only going to have four slots open right now!!
Slot 1 is open!
Slot 2 is open!
Slot 3 is open!
Slot 4 is open!

There are some rules though, please please nothing NSFW, gory or mecha/robot-sorta stuff :( I’m not confident enough to draw these yet! And not really willing to draw guts hahah… But body horror is okay. Also I’m not all that confident with dinosaurs either, sorry Grarrl/Chomby owners!!

It would be fantastic if you could link me to some examples so I know what to work with! If you don’t have any or the character is well known then that’s ok, we’ll work something out~ ^^

I’m only accepting payment through Paypal! My address is turnipss@hotmail.co.uk :3 This is really important but I’m only accepting payment in GBP (what am I gonna do with dollars in England! :P So sorry if the exchange is a little harsh >w< ). I’d really appreciate it if you sent me the money first though, its kinda scary thinking about pouring my heart into a drawing for someone only to be told right after they changed their minds hehehe….

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this!! If you have any sorta questions just send me a message! I hope you all have a good day!! <3

Hire this Turnip!!

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follow woug.tumblr.com ♥


follow woug.tumblr.com ♥

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Favourite PLL Relationships:  Spencer x Toby ♥

I’ve never had a safe place to land but now I feel like I do, so I want you to stay safe.”

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"You think the truth is some big, shiny disco ball of purity? Then go ahead and try it. Be honest. See what it gets you. Telling the truth to the wrong person at the wrong time is how I ended up where I am. Take it from me, you’re always better off with a really good lie.

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Alice X Zhang’s
Art is

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True happiness exists and it is a piglet eating ice cream at a mini picnic table under a mini umbrella.

There are no words for how INCREDIBLY cute this is!

How do you know it’s not a Giant Pig with a Giant Ice Cream?

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I made these two Facebook Coverphotos for anyone to use. Just a reflection of my mood today. Enjoy. 

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